Kathmandu 11 August, two children from India made history by trekking to the mt. Everest base camp. After the earthquake on April 2015 tourist are avoiding to visit Nepal. But these youngest children challenged Nepal is safe for travelling.

With their parents five years and 10 months old KANDARP SHARMA and eight years and 10 months old RITVIKA SHARMA reached to the Mt. Everest base Camp at the altitude of 8380 meters on Monday, The Himalayan Times reported.

Along with the records they are the youngest boy and girl to successfully trek to the Everest Base Camp. According to the organizer they also climbed Kalapattar (5545 m) which is the higher than the highest peaks of three continents, Mont Blanc (4,810 m) in Europe, Vison Massif (4,810 m) in Antarctica, and Punack Jaya (4,884 m) in Australia.

The expedition was taken to send the message to the international trekkers and climbers the Everest Trekking is safe and not damaged by the Earthquake which has divested other parts of the country.