19 People Killed on Sita Air Crash:

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KATHMANDU, SEP 28 - 19 people died when the Dornier Aircraft of Sita Air crashed at the banks of Manohara River in Thimi-16 of Bhaktapur district in the Capital on Friday.

Nineteen people, including 16 tourists and three crew members died in the crash. It has been said that the aircraft crashed within a minute after the Aircraft Controller’s Office had given its clearance for takeoff at around 6:10 am today.

The reason of the crash has not been ascertained. However, experts claim that it could either be a case of ‘on air fire’ or it could have struck a bird on air.

It has been said that the pilots could have tried to crash the aircraft in the river to minimise casualties. However, the aircraft could only reach the banks the river.

According to airport sources most of the tourists have been identified as Italians.

The aircraft was on its way to Lukla from the Capital.