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Adventures In Nepal

In a nutshell, a holiday tour in Nepal is itself an adventure. The topography of Nepal, from the wildlife resources, lush forests and fast flowing rivers, tapering ridges and the colossal mountains in the Himalayas provide adventurous experiences during various trekking and tours. Apart from that, one can enjoy various specific adventures sports in Nepal in such magnificent landscapes. We have in offer various packages such as Paragliding in Pokhara, River Rafting in Trishuli and Bhotekoshi, Zip flier in Pokhara, Bungee in BhoteKoshi, Tower Bungee in Pokhara, zip flier, ultra light flight and mountain flights. You can choose a separate custom itinerary for these packages or can add these adventures in any of your Global Holidays Adventure holidays tour or trekking packages in the different parts of the country in a competitive prices and quality services. Our professional adventure guide will ensure your safety, prioritizing your sound health in the highest level.

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