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Nepal, the heaven in the earth, is a wonderful Himalaya country. Named as Shangri-La, roof of the world, Living culture Museum, birth place of Lord Buddha and country of living Goddess. Nepal offers an amazing diversity of sightseeing attraction, mountaineering adventure tourism and eco tourism which are important attraction for visitors. 14 highest peaks of the world, the eight highest peaks including Mt. Everest are lies in Nepal. These attraction makes Nepal is one of the most beautiful and popular world travel destination for travelers from all over the world. For Adventure's travelers Nepal is best place to do great trekking and mountaineering in the Himalaya with diverse landscapes and culture and huge range of places. Beside that Nepal is very rich country in exotic wildlife, unique culture, tradition, festivals, ancient heritage, pristine backwater and exotic cuisine. Here are thousands of Natural, historical, cultural and religious attractions which are not available out of the Nepal. Join us for the festival tour in Nepal.

Nepal being filled with varieties of multi castes and ethnic provides you with the unique and interesting festivals celebrated by the people. Mustang Tiji Festival Tour can be the best if you want to espy the isolated kind of rituals in Himalayan Regions.

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