Nepal Motorbike tour

Nepal and Tibet Motorbike Tours

Have you ever experienced the most adventurous motorbike bike tour in the wilderness side of the nature’s beauty or ever enlisted it on your bucket list? We, Global Holidays Adventure, can help you achieve that safe and adventurous journey and can make your ride to the great Himalayas more convenient and memorable with great management and reservation in comparatively healthy price. We have been organizing such type of adventure tour including bike tour, jeep tour, trekking, mountaineering and many more and have a very good experience for such activities. Our company as well as our team members has a great dedication and passion to ensure the total satisfaction of our guest. We have been organizing bike tours around Nepal and Tibet since a long time and we can also customize our packages according to the requirement of our guest. Experience the best ride witnessing the plateaus, magnificent deserted landscapes, dazzling mountains, ancient monasteries and lifestyle of the people. Go up and down the hills, cross various rivers and bridges occasionally, witness several natural waterfalls and enjoy the ride with a pride. Powerful and versatile motorbike are managed for such tour by our company and we will also provide a supporting vehicle (van/truck) which will be carrying all your spare bike parts with mechanics and supporting teams for certain emergencies. An experienced road captain will also be provided who will guide you and provide briefing during your journey. All the accommodation and fooding reservation will be managed along with your bookings and arrival. We also provide proper airport pickup and drop-off service to our guest during their arrival and departure. We have good contacts with the genuine hotel and guest house and we guarantee that we will accommodate you in the best hotels available in the journey. If you need any help or assistance, our crew members will always be there to support you with your needs or problems.


So, here are offering several itineraries which we are organizing in Nepal and Tibet side. If you time frame and requirements are not suitable in our standard itinerary then we are always happy to provide you tailor made itinerary as per your preferences.

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