Nepal wildlife tour

Nepal Wildlife Tour

Nepal is a small country huge geographical disparity. The altitude range from 100M Terai to the top of Everest 8848 M. With the changes in Geography, changes the climate and the vegetation, which results the abundance of diverse wildlife resources in Nepal. Thus Nepal has always been a fantastic destination to experience the exotic wildlife. The government of Nepal has recognized various areas as national park, wildlife reserve, Conservation area and hunting reserve providing fabulous opportunity for travelers to closely encounter various endangered and protected species of flora and faunas.

Global Holidays Adventure offers various packages that takes you closer to nature and focuses on exotic wildlife experience. Budget to luxury facilities including Chitwan wildlife tour includes various adventures activities in the wildlife. It is home of Royal Bengal Tiger, one horn rhinos, wild Elephants, and other various species. Bardia wildlife tour is famous for tiger watching, Koshi tappu is popular for various migrating species specially the birds. Then, we have Nepal bird watching in various regions where you will watch various species of birds.

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