Manaslu Trekking

Mt. Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain of the world standing at a height of 8163m. The peak nestles in the Mansiri Himal range in the west-central part of Nepal. The vicinity of Manaslu Himal is popular as the Manaslu region. Other major peaks in the region are Himalchuli (7893m), Ngadi Chuli (7871m), Shringi (7178m) and other various snow-capped giants. The region is rich in various forest and wildlife resources. Red Pands, snow leopards, Asian black bear, Musk deer, blue sheep and Himalayan Tahr dwells in the rhododendron-alpine forest to high mountains. There are various ethnic communities inhabiting the area. The hilly region mostly constitutes Gurungs and Magars, they have the legacy of serving in the British Gorkha Army. And the high mountains are inhabited by Tibetan Buddhist communities. They follow ancient culture and tradition with pristine lifestyles. Their richness in arts is gilded in artistic monasteries, chortens and mani walls.

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Popular Packages for Manaslu Trekking



Global Holidays Adventure offers two packages of Manaslu Trekking to the less travelled and less crowded region of Manaslu. Manaslu Trekking via Larkela Pass Circuit  is an adventurous circuit trek that passes through high passes and pastures. It offers fabulous mountain views and diverse cultural experiences. Tsum Valley trek takes us to hidden valley of Tsum, you will experience unique cultures and artistic monasteries amidst the astonishing mountain landscapes.

Upper Dolpo Trekking, Dhaulagiri Trekking, ect are other famous trek destinations. Along with trekking, we have the provision of peak climbing as well. 

We provide 2 provisions for Manaslu Trekking : Manaslu Larky La Pass Trekking and Tsum Valley Trek.