Responsible Tourism in Nepal

Our Philosophy

Global Holidays Adventure was established by highly qualified trekking and tour guide who have been involved in the trekking and travel industry in very long time. Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd fully registered trekking company of Nepal. We has grown over the years and our staff are fully dedicated travel professionals who are trained to show the best that our country has to offer. We follow a social philosophy that seeks to be responsible to the society and the environment in which we work. We also provide equal opportunities for employees, especially for women, to work in this industry. Our guides have respect for the natural environment and we set out on exciting and safe, independent and fully-supported group adventures and expeditions in Himalayan Kingdom Nepal.


Nepal is rugged and beautiful, but also ecologically and culturally fragile. Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd is committed to upholding the values of eco-tourism and responsible travel. Let us help you plan your adventure down to the smallest detail to ensure that your trip to Nepal is a once in a lifetime experience. We now invite you to experience Nepal with the team at Global Holidays Adventure and allow us to share with you, your friends, and family, the many splendours of our beautiful Himalayan Kingdom.

Global Holidays Adventure is committed to adopting a responsible attitude to the areas we visit. We are guests of the communities we pass through and with some thought and care we can ensure that everyone benefits from the experience. Our responsible tourism policy aims to ensure that Nepal Vision and its clients act in a way that is socially, environmentally and culturally sound.

Global Holidays Adventure's Responsible Tourism:

Porter welfare is a top priority, our local partners are monitored on a continual basis and post trip questionnaires are read and acted upon where necessary. We do our utmost to comply with the International Porter Protection guidelines (IPPG).

Global Holidays Adventure will offset its carbon dioxide emissions each year by contributing to Climate Care who funds projects around Nepal to reduce greenhouse gases.

Appropriate behavior is encouraged by providing Trip Dossiers with sections on social and cultural awareness and by using local guides who discuss these issues with the group. All areas of our operations are planned with responsible tourism in mind and we require our business partners to support this vision.

Global Holidays Adventure believes that our clients have an important role to play as well, with each person ultimately determining the overall impact of the group in the area visited. The following are some ideas you might like to consider.

Ecological/Environmental Impact: We conduct all our trips with a vigilant eye to avoid any disturbance to the local ecology or way of life. We are committed to an active participation in the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project and other national and local Environmental Initiatives. We continuously strive to make sure traveling with us and elsewhere have minimum impact on the local environment.

Social/Cultural Impact: Global Holidays Adventure believes that it is possible to operate commercially in the Eco-Tourism Sector of the industry and also preserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area through promotion of sustainable tourism. In our work, we actively promote and implement this philosophy whenever an opportunity presents. We run a non-government organization that is committed to providing the much needed health and education facilities to remote areas of Nepal.

Economic Impact: We emphasize on making extensive use of the available local products and enhance maximum economic benefits to the local communities. In addition, we support rural development projects by contributing 10% of our profit generated each trading year, thereby, have directly uplifted the living standard of the local residents and contributed to the national economy of Nepal and its neighbors.

Innovative Practices: Since our establishment, our company has been striving to help develop remote areas of Nepal. We strive to maintain the trend by making continuous effort in discovering interesting new destinations within the country. Furthermore, we have initiated cleaning campaigns in the nearby villages that involve a lot of local participation. The idea is to raise hygiene and environmental awareness in the villagers. Such campaigns also educate the villagers keep their villages and the surroundings neat and clean.

Contributing to the local communities. Global Holidays Adventure is wholly Nepalese owned and operated and the team members of the company are selected from the area in which we travel. We support the local industries and indigenous people. We have been contributing to several schools and orphanages that were affected during the conflict in Nepal. Some of the accommodations we use along the way are charity based lodges. The money we pay goes towards the educational and care expenses of the orphans and children who are disabled in the area. Ultimately, we aim to be involved in community and environmental projects that will benefit our people and our country. Our philosophy is simple: We believe in ‘Sustainable Tourism through eco-friendly practices’.

Adventure travel has to be fun, safe, rewarding for the clients and the guides, contributing to local village economies (as well as ours) and have minimal impact on the environment.

We Care for our porters and staff: We ensure that all of the porters/support team members and all other staff serving or traveling with you are provided with adequate clothing and equipment. We provide insurance and emergency helicopter evacuation for our staff if needed. Our staff is young, energetic, trustworthy and professional to their jobs. You can meet them in person before your trip departure in Kathmand. We operate our treks according to the guidelines of the International Porter Protection group (IPPG -